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Aluclad Windows

Who says you need to compromise on style to incorporate functionality? Alu clad windows combine the best of timber and aluminium windows. Belgard Windows’s Alu clad windows combine the tough durability of aluminium windows with the classic charm and elegance of wooden windows. In essence, alu clad windows are wooden windows that are coated in a layer of strong aluminium. These A rated windows are extremely energy efficient and are the perfect choice for those seeking the next stage in modern window development.

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Benefits of Aluclad Windows

Alu clad windows offer property owners the very latest in window design. These windows combine the beauty and old-world charm of timber windows whilst incorporating the modern advantages of aluminium windows. Due to alu clad’s versatile design they can be used as

Conservatory Windows
Business Property Windows
Loft Windows
Private Property Windows
Roof windows

Belgard Windows has extensive experience in installing alu clad windows all across Ireland. The company has always replaced a lot of old or damaged windows with alu clad window frames. When combined with double or triple glazing, alu clad are incredible energy efficient

Have Belgard Windows – the triple glazing window suppliers – fit your new alu clad windows with energy efficient triple glazing

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