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Folding Doors

Folding or bi-fold doors always add a unique touch of style to any property. These innovative entrance and exit solutions are noteworthy for their modern aesthetic and convenient space saving design. Sliding glass doors – like those installed by Belgard Windows – open-up a room, improving the presence of natural light and giving a real sense of space. Belgard Windows supplies and fits a range of sliding doors. They’ve installed patio sliding doors in various properties throughout Ireland. Wherever you want a sliding door fitted, Belgard Windows is available through all stages of the installation.

Have Belgard Windows install and supply your sliding door today

Folding/Bi-Folding Doors

Folding doors are a stylish and modern solution to the issue of limited space. In an environment where space is limited a traditional door may not be appropriate. A tidy bi-folding door folds to save as much space as possible. Folding doors are a perfect addition to a home office or a converted shed. They maximise the space available. With bi-folding doors, a space can be opened up to encompass a larger area. Inside a property these folding concertina doors can be opened to increase the size of a space or closed to divide a large room into two.

Let Belgard Windows maximise your available space with a quality fitted folding door.

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